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Factsheets - Preparing for winter

Whilst all advice given is correct to the best of our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible for any problems should you choose to take our advice.

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Preparing for Winter

Before the really cold weather arrives, you can avoid calling out your plumber if you prepare your plumbing for the winter.

  • Check any pipes outside or in the loft are to avoid bursts. If not, you can buy cheap plastic foam insulation from any DIY shop.
  • Make sure that water tanks in the loft are covered in close-fitting insulation. This has a tendancy to fall off and needs checking annually.
  • Whilst your heating is off, use a key to vent any air out of your radiators to avoid cold spots and air locks. This will make your heating more efficient. Radiator keys can be bought from any hardware shop for a few pence.
  • Check your heating works before the very cold weather sets in, which is when plumbers and heating engineers are in short supply.

If you can, isolate your garden tap inside the house then leave the tap open to drain out the water and allow expansion over winter.

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