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Factsheets - Power showering in flats

Whilst all advice given is correct to the best of our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible for any problems should you choose to take our advice.

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Power Showering in Flats

Most people want a shower that provides high pressure. High Pressure is usually between 2 and 3 Bar. This pressure can be achieved by fitting a pump to a traditional tank fed system with a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. However, you may find that a mains fed system provides a reasonable alternative.

Shower Pump Solution

Shower pumps boost water pressure to the shower (and can also supply the bath or whole bathroom with pumped water). The pump is often put under the bath or in the airing cupboard. Pumps require separate connections to the cold water tank and to the hot water cylinder. Pumps vibrate and are noisy, and fitting the new connections and pipework can be costly.


  • Guaranteed High Pressure


  • Often difficult pipework installation if the tank and cylinder are far from the shower
  • Need for a new electric connection for the pump
  • Noise and vibration

Note: If you have a system that is fed straight from the mains, i.e. combi or megaflow, then you cannot increase your pressure. Mains pressure varies from property to property but it is impossible to boost this pressure using a pump. You can only pump from traditional tank fed systems. You should check your pressure before commencing work.

Mains Pressure - Combination Boiler Solution

This means exchanging the existing boiler for a combi, taking out the hot water cylinder and cold water tanks. This frees up a lot of space. All water is then delivered at mains pressure (about 1.5-2.5 bar) - not precisely a power shower, but still at a very acceptable pressure


  • Frees up space
  • Unlimited hot water at high pressure
  • Minimal pipework changes


  • No airing facility
  • Boiler may need to be repositioned
  • While hot water is produced at mains pressure, flow rates are limited by the rating of your boiler

Mains Pressure - Megaflo Solution

This means exchanging the existing hot water for an unvented megaflo" cylinder, and removing the cold water tank. All water is then delivered at mains pressure at about 1.5-2.5 bar still not as powerful as a pumped shower, but the pressure still provides a good shower and the hot water has a higher flow rate than with a combi.


  • Frees up space
  • Gives high pressure
  • Minimal pipework changes


  • Megaflo cylinders are often larger than standard cylinders
  • Positioning of the cylinder is limited as overflow pipework runs are restricted.
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