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Factsheets - Taps and Shower Valves

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Taps and Shower Valves

Modern taps are not the same as older ones so fixing a drip is not always a case of simply changing the washer. This is the case if you have a tap which turns from full off to full on with a quarter twist of the handle.

Shower valves can also be complicated, and unless your shower is part of your bath taps, we need to know the manufacturer and model of your shower valve before we can fix it. This may mean that fixing a dripping (modern) tap or shower takes two visits to your home: one to identify the make and model and one to replace damaged parts.

Plumbers' merchants don't stock all available cartridges, so we often have to order them directly from the manufacturer, which can take several days. If you have the paperwork for your taps or shower, or email us a digital photo, then we can do the research before we arrive and often save a second visit.

The job could take longer than you expect. Please bear in mind that we will need to cut off the water supply to the taps to fix a dribble, even if it is just to fit a new washer. If your stop cock doesn't work, and there is no other way of cutting off the water, then we may have to drain down your system or freeze an accessible pipe.

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